Create A Guest Ready Home

Life, like our home, can get messy. If friends call to say they’re heading over for an impromptu visit, breathe easy and follow these simple steps.

  1. FOCUS ON WHAT THEY’LL SEE FIRST Shake out the welcome mat. Dust the entryway console. Sweep the floors, paying special attention to sofa and chair legs, where dust tends to gather.
  2. ADD SHIMMER AND SHINE Polish a silver vase, bowl, or candlestick, and place it in full view on the coffee table or mantle. It’ll make guests think everything looks shiny and new.
  3. BEAUTIFY THE BATHROOM Wipe down the sink and counter, put out some colorful guest towels, straighten the bath mat, close the shower curtain, and place a flower from the garden in a vase on the vanity.