Community Guidelines

Here at Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, we believe all things should be rooted in goodness. We carry this belief wherever we show up in the world, including social media. Our social media pages and communities are meant to be a positive and engaging space for everyone. That’s why we follow a set of established guidelines to create a space that is supportive and welcoming to all.  

Which is why we’re asking before you post, to please:

Be kind

Keep things kind and respectful. Anything—like posts or comments—that discriminates or contains inappropriate language will be removed.

Be authentic

Be true to who you are—what you post is a reflection of yourself. We strive to make our community the best that it can be, and hope you show up as your best self.

Be honest

Posts should not be deceptive, misleading, or include false information.

Individuals who consistently post content or interact in a manner inconsistent with our guidelines may be banned from our communities. That said, we reserve the right to remove posts or block users at any time at our sole discretion.