Growing in Harmony with Sustainability

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day is on a mission to grow sustainably. Which is why we're working hand-in-hand with our parent company, SC Johnson, to plant the seeds for a better tomorrow.

We believe all things should be Rooted in Goodness™ and we strive to be honest, informative, and authentic in how we show up. We know every choice we make today, from how we source ingredients to how we package our products, matters. And it’s these choices that can positively impact the world around us. You'll find our belief—to take only what you need and make do with what you have—sown throughout our products and practices. It’s the guiding principle for our sustainability goals and mission to help grow a more compassionate world.

mrs meyers line lady planting a tree
mrs meyers line lady planting a tree
basil, lavender, lemon verbena, and geranium potted plants
mrs meyers line lady planting a tree



We’re mindful throughout our formula development process, from how our ingredients are sourced to how they break down. When selecting our ingredients, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure our raw materials are sourced responsibly. We’re also conscious of our products leaving as minimal of a footprint as possible. We test all our down-the drain formulas for biodegradability – how well a material can break down when it interacts with the environment. We know our products live beyond their use in your home, so we’re mindful of where they go after. And this is something we take to heart, in more ways than one:

  • We have no added forever chemicals (PFAS) in our products.
  • All our products that go down the drain meet the widely accepted European OECD standards for biodegradability.
  • In partnership with our parent company, SC Johnson, we’ve developed internal standards for making biodegradability claims that exceed even the OECD standards.
  • Many of our fragrances leverage a component of upcycled ingredients (like cedarwood oil).
  • Our palm oil is responsibly sourced and RSPO-certified. We aim to eventually leave palm oil in the past, and and only use ingredients that don’t lead to deforestation or negatively impact biodiversity.
  • All our formulas have been, and remain, cruelty-free and are tested by people, not on animals.
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Leaping Bunny Certified

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Trusted Partners

We also work with trusted partners and certifications including:

  • Leaping Bunny: Certification against animal cruelty.
  • Ellen MacArthur Foundation: We partner with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to keep plastic out of oceans and encourage circular economy innovations. SC Johnson was a founding signatory of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment and became a Global Partner with EMF in 2019.


Crafted With Care

We’ve always been about down-to-earth honesty. And the truth is, not everything that seems recyclable can be recycled. Many aspects of packaging contaminate the stream at recycling facilities, making the entire product unrecyclable. And to us, that’s a shame. We know we have a responsibility to minimize our impact by maintaining recyclability standards. That’s why we’re working to create products with their end of life in mind through:

  • Innovating new, reusable formats to give you better alternatives to single-use plastic.
  • Offering concentrated formulas that require less water and prolonged container lifespan.
  • Durable and refillable products that you can use repeatedly and then recycled.
mrs meyers household cleaning products and body care products

There’s Still Room To Grow

We acknowledge that plastic is part of our everyday life and while it can have many benefits—like reducing food waste and creating life-saving medical treatments—the overuse of single-use plastic has become a global crisis and we’re committed to doing our part to address it. We’ve got our sleeves rolled up and are dedicated to reducing our own plastic waste footprint by offering more sustainable and recyclable plastic and non-plastic options across our entire portfolio.

There are certain practices we’re working on, like removing black plastic in our products. That’s because black plastic bypasses the recycling system and goes straight into the landfill. We’ve started to remove black plastic from our laundry and home cleaning and aim to do this across our entire product line by 2026.

We’re also committed to moving away from other unsustainable materials and practices and toward:

  • Refillable options for best-selling products like our Hand Soap, Dish Soap, and Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaners.
  • Pumps and triggers for our bottles without metal springs to increase recyclability.
  • Maximizing the PCR (post-consumer recycled) content across all our existing plastic bottles.


Doing More With Less

The majority of our products, including Hand Soap, Dish Soap, and Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaners, are manufactured in a LEED-platinum certified factory, and outside its walls, we share a deep connection to the surrounding South Side Chicago community. We invest in the neighboring land to grow greener, more biodiverse spaces for gardens to thrive. As well as:

With all this in mind, we’re committed to growing in harmony with the world around us and leaving the world a little better than we found it. We’ll continue to bring you along on our journey with honesty, transparency, and the responsibility to be a good neighbor.

As a garden-inspired brand, we believe the act of gardening is about so much more than creating beauty, it reinforces our deeply rooted belief that all living things are connected. And it’s through this belief that we’ll strive for a brighter future, together.

leed platinum certified factory in the south side of chicago

LEED-platinum certified factory in the South Side of Chicago

lots of compassion garden in the woodlawn chicago neighborhood

Lots of Compassion Garden in the Woodlawn Chicago neighborhood