Herb Oil Herb Oil

by Paul Lowe, Sweet Paul Herb Oil

Give your favorite olive oil an herbaceous upgrade with this seasoning recipe from Sweet Paul + Mrs. Meyer’s Magazine. Use it in dressings, over soups, on pizza or whatever else your heart desires. Not to mention, the pretty bottle adds a little something extra to any table or picnic blanket. Talk about multi-tasking!

Herb Oil Herb Oil

Instructions For Herb Oil


  • Herbs
  • Spices
  • Olive oil


  • Glass bottles


  1. Wash and dry your herbs.

  2. Combine herbs and spices into a glass bottle. We mixed thyme, lemon peel, bay leaf and peppercorns in one bottle and rosemary, chili and peppercorns in the other.

  3. Fill each bottle with olive oil. Then, put the top on each one and wait a few days before using it to season your favorite appetizers and dishes.
  4. Tips for Inspiration

    • Use colored glass bottles or upcycled vessels, such as a wine bottle or piece of pottery.