Smells like a garden
Our garden-fresh scents uplift your mood while adding a little
spring to your step. We all have to clean—let's make the most of it.
Basil has a cool, crisp scent that revives the senses and calms the nerves. All that and a sparkling clean house too!
Basil Products
LAVENDER is valued for its relaxing scent that's soothing, tranquilizing and is believed to relieve fatigue.
Lavender Products
Lemon Verbena
LEMON VERBENA has a wonderfully light, citrus scent that's refreshing, invigorating and is considered to pick-you-up.
Lemon Verbena Products
Geraniums so pleasing to the eye on summer days, uplift and soothe the mind with their refreshing floral scent.
Geranium Products
ROSEMARY aromatic leaves stimulate your system, improve memory and concentration. How very mindful!
Rosemary Products
Sunflowers delight with sky-high stems. A drop of citrus and a hint of melon make this scent as inviting as a sun-filled day.
Sunflower Products
Trumpet-shaped BLUEBELLS hold a delicate floral scent, yet blanket woodland gardens with a burst of blue-violet.
Bluebell Products
Fast-growing Radishes provide a crisp, peppery snap for gardens and kitchens. A ripe and ready bundle is oh so bold!
Radish Products
HONEYSUCKLE provides an air of calm as you clean. This fruity floral is known to be quite soothing and cooling.
Honeysuckle Products
Parsley has many beneficial uses. The aroma of this hardy biennial freshens and cleanses palates, and now, homes.
Parsley Products
Juicy Apple so crisp & sweet - with just a touch of tart. Its rousing aroma is sure to stimulate your senses.
Apple Products
Freshly picked Rhubarb is one of the first signs of spring. Its tart, sweet scent makes chores as easy as pie!
Rhubarb Products
Baby Blossom
The Blossoms of spring wildflowers and butterfly violets with a tiny bit of apple, lemon and mint. So gentle for little ones.
Baby Blossom Products
Bright, bold PEONY blossoms fill the air with their rosy scent and signal the beginning of a lush new season.
Peony Products
Heart-shaped LILAC blooms welcome spring with a fresh, floral scent that intoxicates and inspires.