Your home is what you make it. That’s why we make Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day for all the beautiful things you grow in your home.  To jump-start your own inspiration, we asked three DIY masters to create projects for every room in your house. Explore their ideas—then fill your rooms with meaning, memories, and purpose.

Color-Dipped Bowls
Crated Shelves
Tin Can Herb Planters
Branch Message Center
Wood Burned Cutting Board
Scented Bath Salts
Hanging Planter
Love Night Light
Embroidered Pillowcase
Lace Doily Bowls
Pom-Pom Bath Rug
Blanket Ladder
Shelf-Top Ironing Board
Mason Jar Caddy
Bamboo Steamer Shelf
Vintage Pie Tin Stand
Blanket Chair
Rope Lamp
Hanging Table
Soda Cracker Toffee