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Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer

Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer is a real person with a real passion for keeping things neat and tidy. She is the inspiration behind Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day-- household cleaners that work like the dickens but smell nice. Thelma, an avid gardener, wouldn't have it any other way.

With scents that are inspired by a midwest backyard garden, and products that are chock-full of plant-derived ingredients and essential oils, we're continuously channeling Thelma's passion for the environment. As a mother of nine, she was no-nonsense, and had a sensible approach to living a healthy and balanced life. It's this balance that we hope to achieve with the products we make. Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer believes in a happy medium between perfectionism and a happy, "lived in" home. Ask Thelma and she'll tell you that cleaning is something that just has to get done, so there's more time to enjoy family and friends. So if you can make cleaning more pleasant, well, why wouldn't you?

Smells like the garden. Cleans like the dickens. Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer

Cleans like the DICKENS  

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Thelma's Birthday


On August 13, 2013, our inspiration and namesake, Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer turned 81 years young. Thelma was born in the great state of Kansas. This fertile farming region is sometimes called the Garden of the West because of its beautiful rolling prairies. Sunflowers, the official state flower, grow wild with the help of rich soil and strong sunshine—speckling the plains with optimism.

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The only cleaning guide you will ever need! Thelma's book is filled with no-nonsense, timeless advice that will inspire you to clean like the dickens. Learn how to clean the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom (including nooks and crannies), and every other room in the home. Thelma tells us to forget the gloves and masks, and use reliable good-for-you tools that are also good for the environment. Fully illustrated and packed with user-friendly lists, charts and quick tips, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home book reminds us that since life is hectic and messy, keeping your home nice and clean is the only sensible thing to do.

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