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    Next-Level Clean

    NEW Probiotic Cleaners give you the next-level, microscopic deep clean that you've been looking for.

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  • Lavender Probiotic Daily Shower Spray
    mrs meyers lavender probiotic shower cleaner

    Lavender Probiotic Daily Shower Spray

    Price: $5.99
  • Lavender Tub & Tile
    mrs meyers lavender tub and tile

    Lavender Tub & Tile

    Price: $5.49
  • Lavender Toilet Bowl Cleaner
    mrs meyers lavender toilet bowl cleaner

    Lavender Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    Price: $5.49
    Out of Stock
  • Lavender Surface Scrub
    mrs meyers lavender surface scrub

    Lavender Surface Scrub

    Price: $4.49

Mrs. Meyer's Bathroom Cleaners