Check out the places that we’ve been on our Spring Tour! From volunteering at community gardens to delighting locals at their farmer’s markets, we’ve spread goodness far and wide—and met some amazing folks along the ride.

One of our first stops was El Buen Samaritano, an Austin-based nonprofit organization committed to helping families in Central Texas lead healthy, productive and secure lives through high quality and affordable healthcare, education and basic needs services. As part of their community garden initiative, El Buen teaches the local community how to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. Their efforts improve these folks’ access to nutritious food, all the while also supplementing their budget.

We began our partnership with El Buen on Plant Something Day in May 2017, when Mrs. Meyer’s and Whole Foods awarded the garden with a grant intended to bolster its efforts within their community. Almost one year later, El Buen has put their grant money to work – and it has shown. The garden is beautiful and on track for a grand re-opening later this year. On Monday, March 26, we brought a team of volunteers to the garden to take the steps toward the grand reopening. Volunteers stained the fence, weeded the garden and planted peppers.