Perk Up Your Powder Room

Take your bathroom look to the next level with these quick tips.

  • ADD A LITTLE COLOR Add a fresh coat of a lemon verbena inspired paint color to get started. It’s a fun way to set the palette for your color scheme.
  • FIND FRAMES Choose new pieces of art. From magazines, to framing your child’s artwork, or old maps, the possibilities are endless.
  • LIGHT IT UP A Scented Soy Candle or flowers bring a fresh scent to match your powder room’s new look.
  • A COLORFUL CHOICE Donate your old trashcan for a new wastebasket. It’s an easy way to make things brighter.
  • NEW THREADS Picking up new towels is a simple solve to making you feel cozy.
  • A SIMPLE CHANGE A new shower curtain can change the room’s entire look in just a few moments.
  • SINK SKIRTS Add a sink skirt in a pattern of your choice to hide exposed pipes below your sink.