Multitasking Vinegar

Clean your hardest working appliances with a natural kitchen staple—white vinegar.

With spring cleaning on the horizon, it's time to get your hardest working appliances in tip-top shape. White vinegar (also labeled as distilled vinegar) is a kitchen staple that works wonders as a natural cleaner. To thoroughly clean your laundry machine and dishwasher, follow the steps below.


  1. Mix ¼ cup white vinegar in one quart water to make the solution. Saturate a cloth or sponge with the solution and wipe down the interior of the washer.
  2. Run the empty machine with hot water and about two cups white vinegar.
  3. Run the washer a second time on the shortest cycle possible to rinse away any trace of vinegar, using only water.


  1. Fill the kitchen sink with two cups white vinegar and one gallon warm water. Dampen a cloth or sponge with the solution.
  2. Open your dishwasher and take out any removable parts, such as utensil holders and racks. Wipe them down with the dampened cloth. Set aside.
  3. While removable parts are out of the dishwasher, check for debris in the bottom of the machine. Use the wet rag to fish out any unwanted bits.
  4. Place all pieces back inside the dishwasher.
  5. Add two cups white vinegar to the bottom of the dishwasher and run through a regular wash cycle on the hottest setting.
  6. Stop the machine mid-wash, so the vinegar can sit on the bottom and work. Let it stand for about 20 minutes, then turn on to finish the cycle.