Holiday Gift Wrapping Station

We love gift wrap supplies maybe a little too much. Every time we reach for one thing, three other things fall off the shelf. Time to whip this area into shape before the holidays! Use these ideas as a jumping off point to get things organized just how you want them.


  • A small shelving unit with adjustable shelves
  • Washi tape for gift wrap but also to add a little color to our white shelves!
  • Small, square wastebasket to hold gift wrap rolls
  • Magazine file for gift bags or tissue paper
  • Dowel(s) on hooks or attached to the shelving for ribbons and tape
  • Jar for bows and ribbons
  • Chalkboard for upcoming birthdays and holiday reminders
  • Gift boxes
  • Holder for pens, pencils and scissors
  • Colorful bunting, just because



  • Bows and pom-poms aren't just for gifts -- use them as décor!
  • Since our walls are painted, we went with white boxes and accessories, but that doesn't mean you should!