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by Paul Lowe, Sweet Paul Concrete and Painted Vases Main Image

We’re all about jazzing up forgotten items that may otherwise end up in the recycling bin. Work some simple magic with concrete, paint and empty Mrs. Meyer’s containers – see below for the how-to.

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Instructions For Concrete & Painted Vases

Supplies & Materials

  • various sizes of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day® containers
  • heavy scissors
  • primer
  • brush
  • craft paints
  • concrete (concrete powder that you mix with water)


  1. Peel the labels off bottles and cut off the tops. If you want to make a planter cut the containers in half.
  2. If you are making a hanging planter, make holes on the edge of the cut of containers using a hole puncher.
  3. Cover the containers with primer and let it dry
  4. For the painted vases, simply paint them with 2-3 layers of craft paint, and let them dry between each coat.
  5. For the concrete ones, be careful when handling and always closely follow the instruction on the packaging and dip the vases in the concrete. Let them dry.