Clean and Happy Entryways

Find out how to keep your home's entryways clean and happy in six simple steps.

  • Place a rough mat outside your entryway to catch the first layer of snow and mud.

  • To stop people from tracking muck throughout the house, place a boot tray inside your entrance. An old cookie sheet works, too!

  • For any muck that gets on your floor, fill a bucket with ¼ cup Lavender Multi-Surface Concentrate and 1 gallon warm water. Mop entire area and scrub visible salt residue. Mop area again with fresh, hot water and air dry.

  • A coat rack or wall hooks are effective ways to keep winter wear on the wall and off the floor.

  • A bench is a great piece of furniture for an entryway—perfect for sitting down and putting on or taking off shoes. One with a lift-up top is even better, because you can store towels or blankets inside.

  • A big basket to keep winter accessories like hats, coats and mittens makes getting out the door easier. If you have a large family, individual baskets help everyone find their gear quickly.