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Our Products


Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day believes in a better way to get a good clean. Chock full of plant-derived ingredients and essential oils, our household cleaning products are powerful against dirt and grime. Garden-fresh scents uplift your mood while adding a little spring to your step. We all have to clean--let's make the very best of it.

Honeysuckle Liquid Hand Soap

Smells Great

Garden-inspired scents provide an aromatherapeutic experience while you clean. We use a combination of natural essential oils and safe synthetic ingredients in our fragrance compositions. This allows for the most pleasing scents that you'll want to use again and again. Try relaxing Lavender, cool and crisp Basil, energizing Lemon Verbena or uplifting Geranium.

Works Great

Our products provide an effective alternative for people who are concerned about the environmental effects of conventional cleaning products. Our formulas combine plant-based ingredients with leading edge cleaning know-how to provide an enjoyable, safe experience for our consumers. The results of third-party testing show that our products outperform other "green" brands and are on par with, and often superior to, national brands.

Is Great

We make intelligent, responsible raw material choices, and whenever possible, obtain materials from renewable plant resources such as coconut, palm, corn, soy or olive. At times we choose to use non-plant-derived material for reasons of efficacy, consistency and safety. Our products do not contain chlorine bleach, ammonia, petroleum distillates, parabens, phosphates or phthalates. We use concentrated, biodegradable formulas and at least 25% post-consumer plastic in our bottles. We do not test on animals. Learn more in our ingredient glossary >

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Basil Scent Lavender Scent Lemon Verbena Scent Geranium Scent Sunflower Scent Rosemary Scent Bluebell Scent Honeysuckle ScentRed Clover Scent Radish Scent Apple Scent Parsley Scent Rhubarb Scent Baby Blossom Scent Lilac Peony