Spring Cleaning Under the Sink

The faster you find your cleaning supplies, the faster you can clean up and get back to life's more exciting things. Get all your favorite cleaning goodies organized and easily within reach with this DIY that'll have all your under the sink clutter under control.


  • Contact paper
  • Sturdy metal caddy
  • Acrylic or plastic tray
  • Acrylic or plastic canister
  • Plastic stacking bins
  • Weight-bearing hooks
  • Dowel cut to fit the cabinet



  • Go crazy with contact paper -- opt for patterns, change it out seasonally and even add it to the backs of doors and cabinet walls.
  • Paint exposed pipes or wrap them with rope to add aesthetic appeal. (If you do paint them, be sure to use the proper type for the pipe material, and don't paint over any valves or knobs.)
  • We like clear containers, but you can go with other options, too, like wire, mesh or galvanized tin.
  • If the dowel setup doesn't work for your space, use hooks for dishtowels and gloves to keep them off the cabinet floor.