Shelf-Top Ironing Board

Not much room in your laundry room? This DIY project lets you ditch your bulky ironing board and replaces it with a space-saving, shelf-top solution. So grab a staple gun and some heat-resistant batting and let’s get started!

Materials & Tools

  • Storage furniture - should be around 36 to 46 inches tall, depending on how tall you are; must have flat top with overhang; best if you can remove top.
  • Heat-resistant batting
  • Fabric (cotton duck or canvas is recommended; also denim or tightly woven, cottons or linens)
  • Bleach pen
  • Staple gun



You can use different colors of cotton, denim or canvas. Or use fabric paint instead of bleach. Try simple dots or designs, or choose your own mantra (like “Waste not, Want not”) to write on the fabric.