A Medicine Cabinet Makeover

It seems everything we could ever need is in the medicine cabinet, but do you think we can find anything without knocking three other things over? Plus, somehow our hairbrush hangs out with our toothbrushes (ew). And why are there hair bands literally everywhere? It won’t take much to transform this cabinet from a source of frustration to a source of joy.


  • Small bucket for larger bottles
  • Clear acrylic bins for nail polish or other small bottles
  • Clear canisters for cotton balls and swabs
  • Small bowls or cups for miscellaneous items like hair bands, clips, tweezers, etc.
  • Plan ahead: sunscreen, itch reliever, and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day
  • Hand Soap in garden-fresh scents like Honeysuckle and Rosemary



Don't be afraid to beautify even the most practical spaces in your home. The things you use every day might as well make you happy!